The high quality of EVAIR products is guaranteed by different certifications, as well as those related to the product and the relationship with the company's global management model. EVAIR has the EUROVENT certification in its product range Air Handling Unit, being one of the first companies to obtain it at the national manufacturer level. Eurovent Certification certifies the performance of the equipment that operates in the field of air handling, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Through this certification, the trust of the clients is strengthened by a common organization that ensures the integrity and accuracy of the information provided. 

EVAIR, as a leader company in personalized HVAC system solutions, belongs to the EUROVENT technical committees, being in the decision-making of future regulations applicable to the sector, that is, being at the forefront in order to provide our customers with the latest and greatest more accurate information on the situation and trends of the sector.

Futhermore, EVAIR complies with European standard EN 13053, which specifies requirements and tests for the performance and operation of air handling units considered as a whole. It also specifies requirements, recommendations, classification and testing of specific components and sections.

Our products are also tested in the EN 1886, this European standard specifies the mechanical characteristics of the air handling unit as a compilation to be used by all those who are involved in the manufacture, design, installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

EVAIR, in order to demonstrate the ability to provide a product and service that meets the requirements of its customers, maintains a Quality Management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Which can be consulted by any person.

By CE marking, users and competent authorities are informed that the equipment complies with mandatory legislation of essential requirements (European Directives apply to Air Handling Units).

EVAIR has a firm commitment to the environment by implementing and complying with its products the EU Regulation 1253/2014 of ECODESIGN, whereby Directive 2009/125 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council is developed, that applies to ventilation units and establishes the ecological design requirements for its introduction into the market or its commissioning. And also the EN 13779 standard that applies to the design and execution of ventilation and air conditioning systems for non-residential buildings with human occupancy, excluding applications related to industrial processes.

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